Wendy my darling— i think deep down there is a Wendy lives inside every girl’s heart and needs her very own Peter Pan to fight for her, did you find your Peter Pan? 


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Hehe, it’s not fair that I have other pokemon in my shop except the original starters! So meet Bulbasaur Buddy! He’s going to be added to my shop when I remake Charmander and make Squirtle!

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Finally, some pictures of some new amigurumi! Though not the best of pictures due to the time of day I took these and attempting to use GIMP for picture editing this time. I’ll likely retake and reedit these eventually, since I am not too fond of these pictures right now.

I’ve spent perhaps around a month or so working on these three, partly so long since I also started other crochet projects during that time as well.

Kana (far left) was the first, and really the guinea pig for this pattern. I felt it was highly successful so I went and made the other two fox “muse” characters that I have. Technically, these particular ones aren’t complete, though the pattern itself is. Kana and Mitsu (far right) don’t have their wings due to me not having a workable pattern yet, and Hiro (middle) doesn’t have her side body markings due to not being able to translate them into crochet, and lacking felt to stitch onto the sides yet.

I have some phone charm straps ordered, but it will be a while before I get them, so I might save those for future ones, like the lemur I’m making with this pattern as the base.

Completed June 2014

Made with 5 m, 100% acrylic, Caron Simply Soft, Autumn Red & Black (Kana, far left), Dark Country Blue, Berry Blue, Soft Blue & White (Hiro, middle), White, Soft Pink & Plum Wine (Mitsu, far right)

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My new ferret plush, along with some sketches from my pattern journal. I spent a whole day doing art studies of weasels and ferrets so I could make it as accurate as possible. I got the inspiration for this ferret from a picture book I had as a kid that had really beautiful watercolor illustrations in it about a white weasel and a butterfly. I remember that the story had a sad ending. [x]

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( unnamed) pastel Goth fanpony plush vwv~

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Poketime style Ampharos plush! A commission and not for sale.

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A plushie of Chihiro from Spirited Away I made in order to test out my new pattern! I am extremely happy with the results.

She is made out of fleece and felt and has an embroidered face. I tried out a lot of new things with her and I am happy to say they were a success!

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Nothing Special OC commission

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I made a Batgirl plush based on the new redesign <3 It’s up for sale in my Etsy shop! https://www.etsy.com/listing/197199997/batgirl-plush-figure

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Red Hot Art this coming weekend!


Red Hot Art this coming weekend!

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